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Tasmeen Oozeerally

I am a busy mother to 4 beautiful girls and no stranger to multi-tasking ;with a career in Architecture and an ongoing home renovation project, I have now added 'Artist' to the mix.

Whilst my early study of art and design lead me to a career in Architecture, it was joining the Tadworth Art Group that re-invoked my artistic abilities and passion for painting. My artwork, predominantly using oil-on-canvas, takes me beyond everyday routine and into a world of boundless creativity to further develop my artistic eye. I am strongly influenced by nature and often focuses on vast land and seascapes, whilst my architectural precision and contemporary imagination truly distinguish and define my work.

Whether depicting a calm waterfront, cascade of buildings or bare-footed children running along a pier,I playfully exaggerate my subjects with the use of vibrant colours and accumulation of layers creating textured surfaces and a poly-dimensional reality that adds both depth and light to my work instantly setting my work apart.

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