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Sally Pestridge

I have been painting since my first ‘Painting By Numbers’ at about 9/10 years of age. I simply fell in love with the colours. Being an only child , I could immerse myself for hours, uninterrupted, in perfect bliss.


I had a wish to go to Art College, however, love marriage and children took over. Instead I enlisted in various and many Art classes at an adult education centre. Later, I tried watercolour at SCOLA, and with the help of a fantastic tutor, I was hooked. The way the paint works, the colours, the transparency, vibrancy and unpredictability just wowed me.


I joined some local Art Groups and more opportunity was opened for me to move forward. I retired from work, took over one of our bedrooms as a studio and made lots of new friends, who gave me help and encouragement. I continue to attend courses and workshops to keep my work fresh and learn new media and skills. I now dabble in most media but mainly Acrylic, Mixed Media and Watercolour. I think I have now found my own style which is free lively and colourful.


I am lucky enough to travel very widely and I’m always finding new inspirations from my travels, including my ‘painting holidays’. I love to keep trying new ideas and subjects, all the time experimenting and trying different approaches. 


In my studio I have a great view of our garden and the birds who visit. So I let my mind wander, loose track of time, with my sketchbooks, brushes, paint, paper, pastels, inks – and transport myself back to our travels and scenes and memories.


I get a great thrill from painting – its a wonderfully fulfilling hobby. I hope I can bring something of that excitement into my paintings for others to enjoy.

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