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Peter Bartram

I enjoyed painting at school and college, but my interest accelerated further after that, culminating in several happy and mis-spent years living in Chelsea, where, among other excitements, I exhibited at the Chenil Galleries. I also exhibited and sold paintings throughout my home county of Sussex.
However the sobering need to survive soon took over: this led to a busy international business career, driving most creative instincts to the margins until I got going once again in my late fifties.
Over the last twenty years, supported by many good friends in the Tadworth Art Group.  I have mostly painted in oils, pastels and watercolour.
Unlike most Art College teachers these days, I strongly believe the bedrock of good painting is good drawing. But without abandoning that idea, for the future I aim to move away from fixed representative detail, because I have learned that suggestion is nearly always more powerful than straight depiction.

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