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I am Nava Ahmed, mother to three marvellous children, a dedicated artist and an Art tutor. Growing up in Karachi, Pakistan, I remember spending the balmy afternoons painting several brightly coloured vases filled with indigenous flowers I had picked from our fragrant garden. Watercolours have always been my preferred medium and I remember particularly enjoying watching the vibrant colours blend. Undoubtedly painting has been my passion since childhood but it took a backseat when I pursued my BSc. in Computer Science. I moved to London in 2008 and worked as a Business Analyst in the City. I quit working the long hours after becoming a mother and rekindled my passion for art.

Flowers are one of my favourite subjects to paint, I enjoy capturing their intricate delicacy and vivid colours. Birds and animals are other subjects I enjoy.

Covid Lockdown encouraged me to discover Islamic Art which involved analysing Islamic patterns from the ancient Qurans of rich Sultans from the Muslim world, understanding geometric patterns and practising drawing the stylised floral and arabesque shapes in Islamic Art. Exploring and experimenting with this art style inspired me to merge my floral work with Islamic calligraphy to create an interesting amalgam.

Teaching Art has been an integral part of my life in tandem with my artistic journey. I run weekly art classes for children and adults helping each student achieve their artistic aspirations.

Joining the Tadworth Art Group has provided me with a unique opportunity to be inspired by experts and to showcase my artwork at their distinguished exhibitions.

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