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Joe Norris

As a youngster I always enjoyed art and sold my first paintings in my early teens. I then trained and studied the history or art at Maidstone College of Art and at The University of Wales.

After a career in graphic design & communications I re-started my career as an artist in 2014. I have been a member of TAG for several years and I have been fortunate to win awards at TAG exhibitions.

I paint landscapes and figurative subjects in a suggestive and vibrant style, and draw inspiration from mood and atmosphere in the world around me. I exhibit locally regularly and my work is gaining in popularity in local galleries. I also give private tuition and run workshops.

Now, I am inspired by my contemporaries who push the boundaries of their respective media. I am also often reminded of my early successes and the artists who inspired me as a student. My goals are to find new surprises by combining persistence with experimentation and ‘happy accident’.

I hope you enjoy my work and I am always happy to accept commissions!

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