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Jean Thompson

I’ve always been interested in art from a very early age and it was definitely my favourite subject at school and probably the only one that I genuinely enjoyed. I have dipped in and out of art throughout my life joining various short courses which has enabled me to experience different mediums and techniques and to decide which ones work best for me, and those which I enjoy working with the most, and I seemed to have settled mostly on acrylic painting. I especially enjoy painting landscapes, preferably from my own photographs or original photos from friends, family or people I know.


I have dabbled in photography in the distant past and have a City and Guilds in photography which included developing my own black & white photos in my garage. Through my photography and my art I look at the world and my surroundings in a different way which inspires me to continue painting when I see all the beauty in the world. I’ve recently given up work and therefore hope to spend more time enjoying and progressing with my artwork.


Since joining Tadworth Art Group I am learning all the time from other members and I am always open to suggestions and advice. I also enjoy travelling and lived in Hong Kong for seven years and therefore I am very interested in different cultures and different surroundings which always inspire me to get out the paint brushes.

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